Several Celcom customers complained that they had paid their phone bills but still received SMS notifications that their service had been temporarily disabled, making it impossible for them to dial and use the mobile network.

Celcom is in the process of merging systems with Digi

According to a report in Sin Chew Daily, the system merger between Celcom and Digi is underway, so users face problems with their services. The company is also working to resolve the problem.

Several Celcom customers complained to Sin Chew Daily that they could not dial and use their mobile data since early morning. They also received a text message informing them that their phone lines had been disabled and that they would have to pay the bill immediately if they wanted to continue their services. But they all said they didn’t owe any money.

A user tagged Celcom on Twitter for the problem he encountered, and the company’s official Twitter account replied that it would conduct a network status check for him.

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