Popiah Challenge

Are you a food lover who loves challenges? If so, don’t miss this 60-second Popiah Challenge. The competition will be held on April 29 and April 30, 6:30pm-8:30pm at the Century Street Foot Court.

60 Seconds Popiah Challenge Rules

Popiah Challenge

There are rules for the competition. In this Popiah Challenge, you must eat as many Popiah as you can within 60 to win. Each game is limited to 10 participants.

As for the prizes, the first place will get RM300 cash, the second place will get RM200 cash and the third place will get RM100 cash. The ranking will be based on the most Popiah eaten. The loser will have to pay RM10 for the price of Popiah.

Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t win. You still have a chance to be rewarded. Be a referrer, and if the person you refer wins, you have a chance to get the RM100 reward. But to be a referrer, you must be one of the contestants.

Do you want to challenge yourself? Then don’t miss this challenge. Sign up now to participate.

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