China Covid protest happens due to the fire in Urumqi, Xinjiang, which has caused public outrage. The protesters were seen holding a piece of white paper in their hands, and the media named it the “White Paper Revolution,” referring to the wave of anti-regime protests.

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The number of people responding to the China covid protest is growing

China Covid Protest
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As discontent spreads, more and more people in China are responding to the protest. In photos and videos circulating online, protesters can be seen holding a piece of white paper as a symbol of the wave of protests, seemingly as a sarcastic reference to Chinese epidemic prevention personnel.

There have also been calls for a “white paper revolution” and a three-point initiative online, including changing social media avatars and backgrounds to white and posting photos of white paper with the words “white paper revolution” on social media.

People from overseas show their support

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In a rare act of defiance, protests against China’s zeroing policies and restrictions on freedom have spread to at least a dozen cities worldwide. According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency, Reuters counted cities with protests, including London, England; Paris, France; Tokyo, Japan; and Sydney, Australia. Expatriate dissidents and students organized the demonstrations.

China’s clearance measures have left the country with a much lower death rate than many other countries, but at the cost of millions of people being kept in isolation at home for long periods and hurting the world’s 2nd largest economy.

Fire In Urumqi During lockdown causes 10 death

China Covid Protest
Image Credit: The New York Times

As the epidemic continues to worsen in China, people in Urumqi protest to stop the lockdown and argue with epidemic prevention personnel following a deadly fire in a residential building in the city. The fire killed ten people. Many netizens speculate that the residents could not escape from the fire because some of the doors were tied with wires as a result of the blockade in the district.

Video Credit: Spotligh on china

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