The police officially opened a file to investigate Hassan, the Baling MP, for allegedly defaming Prime Minister Anwar as an Israeli agent. The Royal Malaysian Police Force Secretary Datuk Norcia said that the case would be referred to the Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department Special Investigation Team (USJT), Prosecution and Legal Group (D5) and the Criminal Investigation Team (JSJ) for investigation.

Anwar Request For Apologies By Being Accused Of Being Israeli Agent

Israeli Agent
Image Credit: 8World

Anwar has sent a lawyer's letter to Hassan, demanding that the latter apologize within three days and withdraw the defamatory statements and audio recordings about him being an Israeli agent. In addition, Anwar also asked Hassan to submit a written promise that he would not make repeated defamatory accusations.

In the letter, Anwar said that if Hassan failed to meet the deadline, Anwar would apply for an injunction and take legal action to seek damages for the serious damage to his reputation. Hassan has never denied whether he was involved in the matter.

Video Credit: The Star

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