According to NextShark, on July 14, Chinese food vlogger Tizi recorded herself grilling the other half of the shark while boiling the top half in a hot broth.

She consumed some of the shark’s tail and praised it for being “tender” and “yummy.” The locals who appeared in Tizi’s video were then given access to the shark.

Even before it was cooked, she was seen lying next to the 50 kg, two metre long carcass.

According to reports, viewers in Nanchong, Sichuan, denounced her video to the police and urged them to investigate what was called a “disgusting” video. She did, in fact, consume a great white shark, according to the authorities.

The video of Tizi consuming the shark has since been removed at the time of writing.

Tizi has previously been accused of preparing and consuming unusual and exotic animals during her live shows.



Tizi’s claim to fame is that when eating outlandish and unusual dishes on camera, she presents a pleasant and lovely demeanour. Millions of Chinese users follow her on the social networking sites Douyin and Kuaishou thanks to her videos.

She is accused of eating enormous salamanders, crocodiles, ostriches, and even peacocks during previous livestreams, which attracted the ire of a large number of netizens.

Tizi asserts that she lawfully acquired the shark from, the biggest online shop in China. Additionally, she mentioned that the shark was raised in captivity for human consumption. Therefore, what she did was both legal and appropriate.

She is currently seeking legal counsel because she considers the criticism and charges brought against her to be “nonsense.”

Additionally, Tizi and the individuals who provided her with the shark are the subject of an inquiry by the Nanchong Agriculture and Rural Bureau.

Officials from the bureau, according to Global Times, have stated that Tizi’s claims of lawfully purchasing the shark through are inaccurate and would provide more information on the subject later.

According to Chang Yachu, a lawyer with the Beijing Kangda Law Firm, if Tizi is found guilty of buying products made from endangered wildlife illegally, she might spend up to five years in prison, get a heavy punishment, or both. Chang also explained that the severity of the punishment is based on the shark’s original purchasing price.

The great white shark is considered a vulnerable species, and each year, fewer of them are found in the ocean.

According to Our Endangered World, there are just about 3,500 great white sharks left in the wild.

Commercial fishing is the main cause of the shark population decline. They are caught and hunted for their meat, among other things, as well as their teeth, jaws, and fins. Additionally, it takes a great white shark a while to reach sexual maturity and become pregnant. It takes a male great white 26 years and a female 33 years to attain sexual maturity.

Several nations, including South Africa, Namibia, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Malta, and China, are now guarding the great white shark.

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