Based on latest data on new Covid-19 cases in Malaysia, the number of cases rise to 1,809 yesterday (1st June), an increase of 358 cases, of which 5 were imported cases.

Selangor is on top of the list with 763 cases, followed by Kuala Lumpur with 386, Perak with 151, Negeri Sembilan with 140 and Penang with 113.

Other states include Melaka with 64 cases, Putrajaya with 39 cases, Kedah with 36 cases, Johor with 33 cases, Sabah with 28 cases, Sarawak with 23 cases, Pahang with 13 cases, Kelantan and Terengganu with 7 cases each, Perlis with 5 cases and 1 case in Labuan Territory.

Covid-19 Case
Image Source: Thestar

Covid-19 cases show downward trend, not over 2000 cases in multiple days

Since May 26, the number of Covid-19 cases in our country has declined, from 1,845 cases on  26th May until yesterday, the number of cases remained at no more than 2,000.

Malaysia has accumulated more than 4.5 million cases. Active cases fell to 23,048 yesterday. The number of recovered cases and deaths cases were 1,911 and 2 respectively.

Among them, 22,052 (95.7%) patients undergo home-quarantine, 25 (0.1%) patients were quarantined at PKRC, 945 (4.1%) patients were hospitalised, and 26 (0.1%) patients were admitted to ICU.

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