According to the post, which included a screenshot of Polis Daerah Segamat's Facebook page, the police received a report that on Deacon Chai's account was wearing "impolite" clothing. Pose sexy in front of Bukit Cinta.

Deacon Chai

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The whistleblower felt the “Deacon Chai” had behaved irresponsibly in polite public places.

Wearing a sexy bra and yellow high heels, Deacon Chai, also known by her online name “Little Honey”, post photos on facebook on them at Bukit Cinta on Tuesday to attract attention.

After receiving a tip, the police investigated the case under Section 509 of the Criminal Code (insulting another person) and section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1988, which carries a maximum penalty of five years’ imprisonment or a fine, or both.

“Little Honey” earlier with another celebrity partner, in front of the Johor Palace, cross-dressing photos were arrested, less than three months later, he was arrested again. “Little Honey” learned of the trouble last night, immediately uploaded a video said that the next day will surrender to the police.

"Little Honey" shot a video apology:

“Sorry baby, I was wanted by the police again, I am responsible for my behavior, I go to surrender, very happy in the social media and everyone interaction day!

I would like to inform you that the birthday film will be closed until goodbye ūüíē. I Love You All ūüíē # may be the last video.”

Deacon Chai

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