The Malaysian United Democratic Front (MUDA) held its first outdoor political speech in Muar after the dissolution of Parliament. During the speech, a group of troublemakers shouted at the venue, causing chaos at one point.

Syed Saddiq, the former MP for Muar, gave a political speech lasting about 30 minutes. In his speech, he stressed that he would not be politically critical of other political parties and that he wanted the voters of Muar to see the efforts he had made during his time as MP for Muar.

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Provocateurs shout that MUDA is a lier

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As Saddiq explained his policies, including the provision of tablets and food baskets for the underprivileged, several provocateurs shouted “penipu,” interrupting Saddiq's speech.

In response to the incident, Saddiq responded directly, saying that he had a basis for his actions, that anyone could report to the police if there were any doubts, and that he was not a corrupt leader. After hearing Saddiq's explanation, the provocateurs continued to shout, and the committee again stepped in to stop them. Police also came forward to maintain order after a verbal confrontation between the two sides.

Five minutes latter, the provocateurs furiously pedaled their motorbikes on the roadside and kept sounding their horns, continuously interrupting Saddiq's speech. Police again coordinated to prevent further clashes.

Saddiq said he wanted to thank the voters of Muar for their support and hoped they would accept his apologies if he had not done enough. He also said that regardless of the election's outcome, they would continue to serve their constituents.

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