Ferderer is 41 years old. He will end his tennis career at Laver Cup. To watch the tennis legend’s last match, many fans are willing to pay a high ticket price. The VIP seat for the Laver Cup is priced at RM 302 million.

According to the official website, all of the tickets have been sold out. This shows the incredible popularity of Ferderer. However, Ferderer is not certain on whether he will play in the Laver Cup as he suffered from a knee injury. Thus, he decides not to play single in the Laver Cup

Djokovic “Roger Federer has left a huge legacy.”

Djokovic “Roger Federer Has Left A Huge Legacy.”

Another tennis superstar, Novak Djokovic, said that Federer is one of the greatest athletes of all time. Ferderer has a long 24-year career, and he is forced to end his career due to his long-lasting knee injuries.

Djokovic said that Federer had changed the style of the game and he has left a huge legacy that is difficult to be filled. Djokovic beat Federer in four major tournaments. Federer won 20 Grand Slam titles in his 24-year career.

According to Djokovic, Federer is very popular, and he believes that he is going to have a blast in the Laver Cup. He said that he is glad that he is able to spend quality time with Federer. For instance, they have dinners where there will chat about tennis and life.

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