More than 50 of Elon Musk’s dependable Tesla employees, largely software engineers from the Autopilot team, have joined his takeover of Twitter, according to CNBC.

On October 28, Musk, the CEO of the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla and the manufacturer of reusable rockets SpaceX, finalised the $44 billion acquisition of Twitter. He instantly had an impact there. He immediately dismissed the CEO, CFO, and heads of the policy and legal teams from the company. He also disbanded Twitter’s board of directors.

Employees from Musk’s other companies, including more than 50 from Tesla, two from the Boring Company (which is building underground tunnels), and one from Neuralink, are now authorised to work at Twitter, according to internal data seen by CNBC (which is developing a brain-computer interface).

Musk is relying on his lieutenants and supporters at Twitter to make decisions on who and what to keep or cut from the social network.

Several Twitter employees told CNBC over the weekend that he is also pressuring them to swiftly learn everything they can about Twitter, including the source code, content moderation guidelines, and data protection regulations, so he can overhaul the network.

Musk presents himself as an ardent supporter of free expression, but he must weigh his ideals against societal norms and practical commercial considerations. Last week, as he was taking over the company, he wrote an open letter to advertisers in which he stated: “Twitter definitely cannot become a free-for-all hellscape, where anything can be posted with no consequences.”

Elon Musk Has Pulled 50 Tesla Employees Into Twitter

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