Canada proposes to make online platforms pay FaceBook Canada proposes to legislate to require online platforms to pay news media for publishing news content. Facebook is threatening to block news content on Canada’s Facebook platform.

According to the Central News Agency, citing Reuters, Canada proposed in April this year “online news law”, this will force Google, Facebook, and other online platforms to negotiate with the news media and pay to use the media news content. This approach is similar to Australia’s groundbreaking law passed last year, the “News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Act”, which seeks to block news content.

Facebook says they were not invited to raise their concerns


Tinsdale, head of media partnerships at Facebook Canada, said they believe the practice will distort the relationship between online platforms and news media and want the government to reexamine it. They may need to rethink sharing news content in Canada.

Canadian Heritage Minister Rodriguez introduced the bill, and he said the government would continue to have a constructive dialogue with FaceBook. It also states that they only require that online platforms should deal fairly with news media when they profit because of their efforts.

Video Credit: Social Tech TV

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