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The rain in Johor led to floods in many places, and the largest vegetable supply in Johor was also affected. Over 30 farmers were affected. Malaysia Vegetable Farmers General Association business adviser Chen Su Chao predicted that the supply of vegetables in Johor will be affected.

Vegetable Supply WIll Be Affected Due To Flood

Image Credit: Nan Yang Shang Pau

Besides Cameron Highland, Johor is the largest vegetable producer in the country. The farm in Tangkak is one of the largest producers in northern Johor. They mainly supply vegetables to Batu Pahat, Segamat and Johor Bahru. They also supply 70% to 80% of the vegetables in Malacca.

The flood came fast. Even though the farmers were expecting it, they could do nothing. The vegetables soaked in flood could not be harvested, and the seedlings they had just planted would also be drowned. Resowing can only be done after the water has gone down.

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