Foon Yew 2 held its graduation ceremony and farewell meal outside the school, and each person had to pay RM80, which caused controversy. Deputy Minister Of Education Lim Hui Ying urged the school authorities not to impose a mandatory fee on the students.

The school should not charge a mandatory fee for attending the graduation ceremony, as it is the right of the children to attend their graduation ceremony. 

Complaint by parents who claim to be parents of Foon Yew 2

Foon Yew 2
Image Credit: Kwong Wah

Foon Yew 2 held the Primary 6 graduation ceremony and farewell dinner at a restaurant outside the school. Students and parents will have to pay RM80 to attend the ceremony. A parent complained anonymously on social media that the cost per person to attend the graduation ceremony would cause financial pressure, causing a lot of debate among netizens.

In the article, the parent said that the school was doing it for monetary gain by asking parents to pay to attend their child’s graduation ceremony at a fancy restaurant outside the school.

Foon Yew 2 PTA chairman Wu Jiaben explained, said the school had held the graduation ceremony outside since 2014 as the school auditorium was under renovation that year. Since then, the graduation ceremony has been held off-campus. He also said they tried their best to ask the restaurant to lower the price. RM 80 per person is reasonable.

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