MUDA President Saddiq said that for a cleaner and healthier political culture, the party will require all candidates to declare their assets and will do so by the coming nomination day (Nov. 5).

He is grateful that the voters of Muar voted for him in the 2018 general election, and he cherishes these five years of service to the people as there is only one chance in five years. He also hopes that in the 15th general election, the people of Muar will vote for him to allow him to continue to serve the people of Muar.

GE15 Candidates need to create a healthy political culture

Ge15 Candidate
Image Credit: Tantannews

Saddiq said that candidates should serve the people and not pawn the voters' support, dignity, and principles. Candidates must create a healthy political culture and focus on improving Malaysia. They are most focused on creating a better Malaysia in this election.

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