Li Jing said that if you want to be a brand that truly provides value to consumers, it is not about piling up hardware and fighting parameters, but with unique technological strength, and truly solving the pain points of consumers is the key to long-term development.

For users of high-end products, in many cases, only fragmented time can be used for charging, and privacy and security also face many challenges. In addition, the visual fatigue caused by the use of mobile phones also affects the health of the eyes, and the quality requirements for mobile phone photos are also higher. “On the upcoming HONOR Magic4 Pro, these pain points will have corresponding black technology solutions.”

Honor has inherited the most cutting-edge R&D, quality control system and patent system after its independence. Honor has resumed cooperation with all supply chain partners such as AMD, BOE, Qualcomm, Magnesium, Microsoft, MediaTek, Hynix, Samsung, etc. The company has developed in-depth cooperation, including research on AI and full-scene connectivity with Microsoft, and research on chip tuning and security with Snapdragon.

HONOR Magic4 Pro


As for the question of whether HONOR mobile phones support GMS Google services, which local users are most concerned about, Li Jing also answered clearly in the interview: “Since 2021, HONOR has resumed cooperation with Google, and currently all HONOR mobile phone products have GMS. Services, all apps under the GMS framework can be used and updated normally, such as Youtube, WhatsApp, Google Maps, etc.” This also allows Malaysian users to no longer have to worry that these apps can no longer be downloaded or used.

In the journey of HONOR’s globalization, Malaysia is one of the key development countries. Li Jing said: “HONOR is ready for GO BEYOND, and in 2022, more than 20 products will come to the Malaysian market.” The HONOR Magic series, which represents the ultimate technology, the HONOR digital series, which represents Yuexiang Technology, and the HONOR X series, which represents the affordable technology. These three series will become the main products of HONOR mobile phones coming to Malaysia.

It is worth mentioning that more than 55% of ONOR’s existing more than 11,000 employees are R&D personnel. It has 6 R&D centers and more than 100 innovation laboratories around the world, and holds more than 8,500 global patents, especially in imaging and communication. , performance, design, privacy security, battery life and other fields have a strong accumulation of technology. Not only that, each HONOR mobile phone needs to pass more than 400 strict tests and more than 20 global certification standards before it is launched. HONOR insists on building quality in the process and strictly controls the quality throughout the process.

The HONOR Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, which specializes in the production of flagship machines, was also put into use last year, with automation and intelligence to create a globally consistent high quality, focusing on the production of high-end flagship machines.

In addition to smartphones, the HONOR Watch GS 3 and HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro previously unveiled at Mobile World Congress (MWC) will also come to Malaysia with the HONOR Magic4 Pro. In the future, HONOR will continue to bring more full-scenario technology products including laptops, wireless noise-cancelling headphones, and smart watches.

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