As promised, the final scene of She-Hulk‘s finale explains exactly why Bruce keeps getting into space in the show’s second episode. A brief shot of green-skinned Skaar (a full CGI character with no dialogue, but credit to Stargirl actor Wil Deusner) hints but doesn’t explain Bruce’s departure from Earth and his return to relatively small but still larger adults or teenager’s son from another planet.

New Hulk Member - Skaar

Image Credit: Wionews

While Skaar‘s debut may be an unexpected twist on She-Hulk, longtime Hulk comics fans know that the character has a surprisingly deep, complex, and MCU-related history to draw from.

Over the course of the next year and the comics, the Hulk finds himself the champion of the arena, the leader of a group of rebel fighters against a cruel society, and finally the victorious ruler of Free Sarkar – just to watch the helplessness land, as the shuttle that brought him to the planet caused an explosion that destroyed its capital, leaving the Hulk in exile all alone again.

Caiera, a native Sakaarian rebel leader, was one of the last to possess what the Sakaarians call the old power, the ability to channel the energies of the planet to increase her own strength, stamina, and durability. She used her powers to ensure that her unborn child survived the destruction of Sarkar and then became one with planet.

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