New York has become the 6th US state to approve human composting as a burial method.

According to the BBC, people now have an additional option to turn their remains into fertilizer suitable for gardening and return to nature after death; this burial method is considered a more environmentally friendly alternative to burial or cremation.

Video Credit: CBS New York

Human Composting Also Known As Natural Organic Reduction

Human Composting
Image Credit: Line Today

The process takes about 60 days, and the remains will be placed in sealed containers containing wood chips, alfalfa and straw, where they will be naturally decomposed by microorganisms and eventually transformed into a dry, fluffy and nutrient-rich fertilizer that will resemble compost purchased at nursery stores and is suitable for growing flowers, vegetables and trees.

Washington approved human composting in 2019, becoming the first U.S. state to legalize composting of human remains, followed by Colorado, Oregon, Vermont and California. 

Video Credit: GBNews

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