Rumors have been circulating about the design and additional features that the next iPhone 14, which will be announced this September, would have.

Even though it will be interesting to watch what new features Apple adds to its most recent and eagerly awaited phone, you may be wondering which leak will be accurate.

One of those rumours, according to The Verge, states that the upcoming phone would include a notch in the form of a pill. The issue is that it has long been reported by leakers that the iPhone models for 2022 will feature two notches at the top of their screens: one for the camera and one for the FaceID system. However, a recent report from MacRumors, claiming “an unnamed tipster,” claims that when the iPhone’s display is turned on, the two notches will combine to form a single pill-shaped notch.

The Verge said that Apple intends to turn off the pixels in this area between the two notches to create a continuous black gap.

Apple “intends to visually enlarge the blacked-out areas around the cuts to host content,” the source further states.

What might that imply for owners of the iPhone 14?

In other words, The Verge reported that the iPhone might utilise this empty space and that the size of the notch may change in response to those uses.

If you give it some thought, the leak corresponds with recently published patents that include recommendations to remove the phone’s IR light emitter from the main notch.

The description of those patent claims says, “The IR light emitter may be located at a location with less-constrained space and employ the light folding element to project the IR light in a given direction.” This might increase the display area of the device and decrease the overall size of the imaging and sensing components, which would lower the size of the notch used to contain them.

Naturally, Sept. 7 is quickly approaching, so we’ll just have to wait and see whatever rumour this time actually spreads. – the Tribune News Service at


Picture Sourced From The Verge

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