After Apple announced the discontinuation of the iPod touch, existing iPod touches will last while supplies last. The 256GB and 128GB versions of the iPod touch in all colors and models are currently sold out on the official website! The iPod touch currently on sale has all been sold out, and even the 32GB version has been sold out.

This is the last model of the portable music player the company still sells. The event heralded the end of the digital music era that Apple began with the first iPod in 2001, and the iPod touch has since come to an end.

iPod Touch

Ipod Touch

After many changes, the Apple iPod has also evolved to the iPod Touch, which brings users a touch-sensitive experience. However, Apple has been slow to update the iPod Touch (seventh generation) since it launched in 2019. Although the seventh generation of the iPod Touch already has the A10 Fusion processor, it is no longer sufficient.

In addition to playing music, iPod touch can send iMessages and make FaceTime calls, but not make phone calls. Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, previously said in a statement that the iPod spirit continues through its many other products that integrate music playback.

The Apple theme heralds the end of the iPod touch era, but doesn’t forget to market its other alternatives. Officials say the iPhone is the best choice for listening to music.

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