In response to recent rumors about meeting with Muhyiddin in Jakarta, Ismail Sabri said he had instructed his lawyer to take legal action against those who spread claims of a supposed ‘Jakarta move’.

He said that if people want to defame him, he has to be reasonable. He also said that immigration records could prove he has not left Malaysia, which means he has been staying in the country

Ismail Disclose His Whereabouts

Image Credit: Suara Merdeka

He said he was dining with a veteran journalist and was attending the opening ceremony of the Rainforest Challenge International 4×4 event in Pahang in the evening. 

He told Malaysia Today that he had instructed his lawyer to take legal action against those who spread claims 

The rumor was spread after Ismail Sabri was absent from the Umno Supreme Council meeting on December 8. This is not the first time Ismail Sabri has met behind closed doors with leaders of other political party coalitions. Earlier, he was alleged to have met with Dato’ Seri Thachir Yudin, the general secretary of PAS, at the Rayong Golf Resort.

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