Singer IU admitted at a recent performance that she is undergoing treatment for a hearing issue. According to the singer, she has been battling the disease for almost a year.

During her two-day concert, The Golden Hour, the singer, who recently made history by being the first female solo performer to perform at Jamsil’s Olympic Stadium in Seoul, made the confession.

“There is a slight problem with my ear, so I was very nervous while preparing for this concert.” Said IU

IU is heard discussing her problem in a concert documentary.

“My ears are a little bad these days. My ears open on their own, so my hearing is similar to how you hear when yawning. When I hear myself sing, it becomes too loud and rings.” Explained by IU


According to the video, IU just received a diagnosis of patulous eustachian tube dysfunction. Hopkins Medicine claims that the disease makes people hear themselves excessively loudly, which is uncomfortable.

“It is a disorder of the valve of the Eustachian tube that causes it to remain open. When the valve remains open, sound can travel from the nasal-sinus cavity to the ears, allowing you to hear your own voice or your own breathing too loudly, or even the sound of blood pumping.” – Hopkins Medicine

According to Hopkins Medicine, the condition might be brought on by weight loss, a history of acid reflux disease, a persistent neuromuscular or immunological disease, or a chronic nasal allergy. Many people who follow a rigid illness regimen run the danger of developing the disorder, according to a recent news story.

In the documentary, IU said that she believed her anxiousness was to blame for the disease.

“When I’m anxious, there is a pressure that becomes greater when I sing, so my ears open more easily.” – IU

Despite feeling uncomfortable, IU was still able dazzle her audience.


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