Favored singer Jackson Wang of  GOT7 has inadvertently became involved in the turmoil through some rumours of a highly complicated sexual connection. Even worse, a Jackson fan page that had been there for a while recently announced it was closing. Fans are now speculating as to whether it is connected to the rumours.

After Yifeng’s arrest was announced on 11th September, people started revealing more about Yifeng’s past. One netizen in particular, Douyin personality Guo Ziyu, dropped quite a bombshell. Ziyu not only claimed to have been in a secret relationship with Yifeng for three years, she also alleged that he cheated on her. However, Ziyu didn’t focus her ire on Yifeng. Instead, she targeted his then-partner, internet celebrity Blase湾湾.

“I really want to know, Miss (Blase), if (Yifeng) was with you in Thailand and Xishuangbanna, how could he have dated me for three years then?

“She enquired. Ziyu continued to wonder why Blase had ever acted in that manner. “Was it a possession? Would putting in a solid effort kill you? Would exercising self-control make you die? She said, “I just don’t understand this. rumours!

Lifeng had been dating other women, including sex workers, according to Ziyu, who also corroborated this. She could only show conversation transcripts between her and a buddy as evidence, though. When questioned about it, Ziyu stated neither they nor she had ever taken any private images of themselves. However, she was prepared to produce her chat logs with Lifeng as evidence. Ziyu added that she wasn’t raising the subject to gain influence because she had the opportunity to do so earlier.


Jackson was unintentionally included in the chaos as a result of the reveal. Blase turned out to be the solution. She reportedly served as Seungri, a former BIGBANG member, and Lifeng’s point of contact. Lifeng allegedly crossed paths with Seungri in 2018 while filming in South Korea. While their friendship grew, people believed Seungri had given Lifeng a party at his infamous Burning Sun nightclub.

Jackson Wang and Blase were rumoured to have dated at one point. The two allegedly happened to run into each other in a club in 2018. Later, it was discovered that Blase had kept track of Jackson’s actions in Shanghai and had even uploaded behind-the-scenes pictures of Jackson’s team. But not everyone takes the rumours at their value.

But there’s no denying that the situation has grown more suspicious. Only yesterday, on September 12th, Jackson’s devoted Weibo followers revealed devastating news. Wangga0328’s moderator was about to terminate it. The band had been around since 2014, when Jackson made his stage debut. As a final farewell, they wrote: “I hope you will always remember the initial intention and courage (from) when you went forth, and be worthy of your heart.”

Many people are unsure of what caused the organisation to disband in light of the message’s ambiguity. Nevertheless, some argue that the moderator is simply unable to manage the group. Others speculate that Jackson’s lack of recent activity in the entertainment industry may be to blame. However, some are certain that Lifeng and Blase are involved.

Jackson has not spoken on the subject or brought up Blase or Lifeng. Some Jackson supporters, however, are concerned about how this would impact his reputation and really hope no more negative news will be reported about him in the future.


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