Jackson Wang of GOT7 revealed that, prior to being driven into melancholy, he wasn’t content in the music business.

The GOT7 member Jackson stated to Vogue that, aside from his most recent album MAGIC MAN, he isn’t satisfied with his body of work as a musician while speaking to them behind the scenes of his performance at Head in Clouds Festival.

“No matter what I do, I’ve never in my entire life been content with who I am. And this record, I believe, is the first time I feel that way. Jackson said, “I’ve never been more raw in my life.”

The K-pop star reportedly discussed how his lack of enthusiasm for his work has negatively impacted his mental health and driven him into depression.

Jackson also acknowledged how, as a result of the horrible life he had been leading in the business over the previous few years, he had briefly lost himself.

“And I have eight or nine years of experience in this field. I became lost, and everything appeared to be in a loop. It’s just one thing after another, one schedule after another, you know.” Said Jackson.

However, after being stuck in the same loop for some time, he gained back his grip on life and decided to enjoy his identity for who he really is.

“I may not be perfect, you know? Not everyone likes me. But at least if you like me, if you support me, you’re supporting the real Jackson“ said the idol.


Jackson also tweeted last night regarding the rumours recently about him.

Through the tweet, fans believe that he was sincere and agreed that people should stop speculating the rumours.


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