According to fans of Jackson Wang, 2022 is your year. The well-known performer has not only been touring Southeast Asia, but he most recently paid a visit to KL for the Good Vibes festival! It goes without saying that it was a big success with fans who yearned for more.

We have some happy news for all of you fans. In December, Jackson will return to Kuala Lumpur. For his “Magic Man World Tour,” he will be giving a solo show this time!

The musician shared the news on his social media August 27th. “Finally. I finally have the opportunity to go on a proper tour for the first time in my life, he wrote. “#MAGICMAN is on his way. Hello there. I’ll guarantee it’s different. Jackson would be travelling to Bangkok (26 November), Kuala Lumpur (17 December), and Singapore (23 December) in 2022, according to the poster that was published with the caption.

Naturally, Jackson’s return this year thrilled Malaysian fans, especially after the singer admitted he had loved his brief stay in the country. The GOT7 member even gave a shout-out to all of his admirers in Malaysia on social media.

Sourced From Instagram @Jacksonwang

Jackson wrote in another post, “Thank you so much for coming out (to the Good Vibes event), I genuinely appreciate it. “It was such a gorgeous place, and I had the best time there. If you could all join me the next time I have some mamak, that would be ideal. After the festival, customers had recommended their favourite restaurant.

“#MAGICMAN will return soon, and I hope to see you all there,” he said. I sincerely appreciate that, and I support you in anything you decide to do. I’m sending you all my very best wishes. Stay strong and optimistic,” he advised. Jackson also posted pictures from his trip to Malaysia along with the playful caption “Guess what drink I had.” The image of a Milo Ais Dino (Milo Dinosaur) undoubtedly got Malaysians excited.

Jackson also stated that additional information about his show will be forthcoming. However, it’s something to anticipate for the time being. I hope everyone is prepared for Jackson’s next soulful performance!

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