The three principles of Fight Club are well known to most of us, but is there a fourth rule that advocates utilising reptiles as a fallback in certain situations?

An inter-school fight that just occurred in East Jakarta, Indonesia’s Duren Sawit, has gained widespread attention for an oddly unique cause. One of the kids involved in the battle brought a newborn crocodile to the fight as reinforcement.

According to Indonesian news source Warung Jurnalis, the confrontation happened last Sunday, September 18.

The newspaper also posted closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of the altercation and videos of the students being arrested on their Instagram page once word of the incident reached them. Below is a quick video of the altercation. If you look attentively, you can also see the crocodile.

The boy who brought the croc to the battle was in charge of it, it was revealed when the youths were herded into the police station.

The teen is seen holding the animal in his arms as he enters the station.

Source: Warung Jurnalis

The youths are thought to have insulted one other on social media before the situation deteriorated so badly that a fight broke out, according to information obtained from police custody. 11 persons were detained and had to sign declarations pledging not to engage in any future altercations. Both the youngsters’ parents and the competing high schools were made aware of the occurrence.

The crocodile was present during the altercation, according to district police commissioner chief M Marbun, who also explained that the youngster did not anticipate a conflict with another school while caring for the animal.

Later, digital media site Coconuts Jakarta revealed that the reptile belonged to the institution, which specialises in teaching students about animal care. Fortunately, the croc did not participate in the conflict and was only present as a bystander, causing no harm to humans or to itself.

Since then, the police have taken possession of the nameless crocodile and have given it to the East Jakarta Environment Agency.

Source: Warung Jurnalis

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