Job Scam

Seven youths from Johor fell into the job scam and ended up trapped in Cambodia. The seven youths filmed a video of themselves asking for help, which was circulated on social media, and drew the attention of the Johor government, which has also sought help from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as soon as possible, hoping to help the youth to return home.

One of the youths said they were trapped in Cambodia by a job scam and said they were intimidated by the scam group. If they want to return to the country, they must pay RM15,000 each. Currently, Malaysian humanitarian organizations have assisted the seven youths in leaving the workplace, and the Johor government is helping them return home.

Johor Government Assisting 7 Job Scam Victims


7 orang lagi telah diberjaya diselamatkan dari sindiket penipuan kerja di Kemboja. Wakil MHO telah membawa kesemua mereka 7 orang ke hotel sementara menunggu proses untuk menghantar mereka pulang ke Malaysia.

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The Johor government has asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for help to arrange the return of the seven Johor youths to their home country. The state government has also reported to the Royal Malaysian Police and the Immigration Department about scamming foreigners to work abroad.

Although the Johor government does not have the authority to handle the return of the nationals, they will do their best to safeguard the welfare of the people of Johor.

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