Khairy has hinted that he will not accept Muhyiddin’s offer.

In a podcast talk show, Khairy admitted that after he presented his own proposal and views to Muhyiddin, he was asked to reconsider the offer.

Khairy Didn't Give A Clear Answer

Image Credit: Gempak

While Khairy is more inclined to reject Muhyiddin’s invitation to join the party, he did not explicitly state the answer given to Muhyiddin.

He also said that the state seats have not been dissolved yet, so there is still time to observe. At the same time, he also said that the leaders among them that he admired made him think twice, so he reconsidered.

According to PN sources, Khairy will not join any political party at the moment. And he will not establish a new political party in the future.

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