It has been 100 days since the unity government has formed. In response to the government’s performance, former Minister of Health Khairy gave the government a B- rating. Khairy said the score is much higher than the passing rate, and the government’s long-term policy is the same. Khairy also said the cabinet members are inconsistent in helping the prime minister outline the future direction.

Khairy made it clear it’s not that they’re not doing a good job, but they’re not as smart. He hopes the cabinet members will continue to help the prime minister govern the country. The B rating given has been quite high.

Shahril Sufian Rating For Unity Government

Unity Government
Image Credit: Unity Government

Shahril Sufian hopes Anwar will be able to step down as finance minister after seeing the country’s economy become stable and clear. He also believes that the government will do tax redistribution before relaunching the GST.

He also said it will not be easy for Anwar to restart the GST. If Anwar has no scandals and continues to distribute aid, the people will be more likely to accept the implementation of the GST.

Shahril Sufian felt that the unity government has sent early signals in terms of national development and people’s well-being, giving the government an A- grade for its performance so far. He feels that the cabinet members are making efforts for the future of the country. Although many policies continue from the previous government, they are to be commended for their concern for the people.

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