Khairy said his candidacy for the Sungai Buloh state seat is not political suicide. But also led him to become the leader of UMNO and the Prime Minister of Malaysia; political scholars and commentators have different views on Khairy’s statement and also have different views on his winning.

Khairy has the potential to become leader

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Professor of the University of Malaya, Awang Azman said, although, in the last national election, BN only got 21% of the votes in the Sungai Buloh seat and lost with a majority of 26,634 votes. Still, in an interview with Oriental Daily News, he is optimistic that Khairy can break through in the Sungai Buloh seat. He also said that the Malay voters in the Sungai Buloh seat have been as high as 70%, and that his contesting for the seat in Sungai Buloh was built on this foundation.

In response to his speech in the release of his election manifesto, said that he wanted to lead UMNO and be prime minister, Lee Thaid said in an interview with Oriental Daily News that he has a distinct image within the party. He has always been dissatisfied with the “official faction” in making this speech, which is unsurprising. Khairy contested for UMNO president in 2018 and intended to contest for the presidency again.

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