Khairy, expelled from UMNO earlier this year, revealed that he is considering setting up a new political party. He said he hadn’t thought about setting up a new political party before he was expelled from UMNO. He was considering the possibilities recently. 

Khairy Admitted Receiving Invitations From Other Political Parties

Image Credit: Tvs

So far, only the PPBM has publicly invited Khairy to join the political party, but Khairy said he had received invitations from other parties. Kerry said that if he joined a new political party, he would need to adapt to how the party operates, which may not be in line with his wishes.

He said that forming a new political party would bring challenges. Because it may face the same situation as the Parti Pejuang Tanah Air, but may get a sense of accomplishment because it can act on its own terms.

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