Kluang City Council has launched a new mobile application Respons Rakyat and encouraged the public to download the mobile application. The app facilitates the public to submit complaints and suggestions to the city council.

Kluang City Council Representative, Mona Lau, revealed that the Kluang City Council receives an average of 150 complaints per month. The most common ways to complain include official letters, emails, hotlines, meetings and Whatsapp hotline 018-7730500 complaints.

Kluang City Council has started receiving complaints made by the app

Kluang City Council
Image Credit: Kluang City Council

Lau Mona also said that Kluang City Council started to accept complaints from the public through the mobile application Respons Raykat. They launched the mobile application to make it easier and faster for the public to submit complaints and opinions to public sector organizations.

Complainants can also check the progress of their complaints directly on the app without having to contact the council for details. Complainants will also be able to upload documents, photos, videos and audios of their complaints, as well as provide a more accurate map of their location.

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