The south Korean drama Money Heist: Korea is adapted from the Spanish classic Money Heist. Since its launch in late June, the main character in the drama has attracted a lot of discussion. Lee Joo Bin, a good-looking actor with good acting skills, plays an employee of the minting and accounting department.

In a recent interview, she revealed that she wore no makeup during the filming process. She once tried to make up on stage, but was dizzy with sweat, which shocked the audience “how beautiful she is without makeup”.

Money Heist

Photo credit: Lee Joo Bin’s Instagram

Lee Joo Bin is named as “the most beautiful accountant” for her role in Money Heist: Korea, and her good looks make her one of the most popular characters in the drama. As for the audience’s praise, she was modest, saying, “The secret of my good appearance is not because of me, but because the camera angle is not too close. I am very grateful for it.”

Because the play is wearing a red long-sleeve suit, 8, 90% of the scenes are filmed on the set, she revealed that she is very hot and has been crazy sweat, filming the first scene originally had a light makeup, but a sweat makeup is all gone, and then just plain makeup on the stage.

Money Heist

Sex scene in Money Heist!

Lee Joo Bin and “Denver” Kim Ji-Hoon arranged hot passion scenes, she said she is on the scene when they know there will be a nudity show, before this all appearing in the film, drama bed scene look again, also hard to faint, “I didn’t lose weight, but frantically movement, one-on-one coaching training accept 2 times a day, Pyrrha, five times a week.”

Hoping to show the best side, she spent a lot of pains in preparing mentally and changing externally.

Money Heist
Money Heist

Opposite actor Kim Ji-Hoon, on the other hand, under the bed scene full state of mind, also affected by COVID – 19, the gym almost completely closed, but he still remained at 7%, the body fat at home trying to exercise every day, for bed scene filming, he also admitted that “very hard, but it is also at a loss, while acting for a long time, but such a formal bed scene is the first time.”

In the past, he would double check the scenes, but he would not ask to see the sex scenes again, saying, I am too shy. However, their efforts have also been fruitful, “Money Heist: Korea” after the broadcast of the sex scene, the two of their acting has been recognized.

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