Chen Luyu and musical actor Ayunga were revealed to be passionately in love, and the news set off a firestorm of debate, with people surprised that the two would be together due to their 19-year difference. The news even shot to the top of the Weibo search.

Lu Yu And Ayanga Romance Has Been Rumored For Years

Lu Yu Was Revealed To Be In A Relationship With Ayanga

According to comprehensive media reports, the two have been rumored to be in a relationship for years, and they are in the same company.

Back in 2017, some netizens found that Lu Yu and Ayanga often wore the same type of jewelry, including cell phone cases and necklaces. At that time, Lu Yu’s response was “not in a relationship, nor having an affair”

Sources said the two were saw several times going home together in 2018 and 2019. They even used the same car and parking space. Recently, a paparazzo even broke the news that Ruyu was photographed twice in late November and mid-December, returning to the neighborhood where Ayunga lives.

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