In a special press conference, Mahathir Mohamad criticized the Anwar-led unity government as a “dictator.” They can’t accept any criticism. Before they became the government, they were in revolt.

Now they are in power, and they don’t accept criticism. Mahathir said all Malaysians have the right to voice their dissatisfaction with the current government.

Mahathir's Malay Proclamation

Image Credit: The Independent Singapore

Mahathir praised the unity government’s efforts to combat corruption, but the investigation was aimed at the opposition parties, ignoring the fact that their there are leaders in their party corrupting.

He said the Malay Proclamation Conference is to gather the strength of the Malay community.

Although the venue was canceled, Dato’ Zaini Hassan, a member of the Malay Manifesto Secretariat, read out the 12 statements of the Malay Manifesto written by Mahathir Mohamad.

The 12-point statement of the Malay Proclmation is as follows.

1. the Malays have never dominated our economy, even the small stalls have been taken away.

2. the only political control that has been taken away from them recently.

3. the present and future destiny of the Malays can no longer be determined by themselves.

4. because of the carelessness of the Malay leaders.

5. Malay political parties in the name of religion, race and nation have become parties that enrich themselves.

6. The competition for positions and money has destroyed the unity among the Malays.

7. The Malays are weak and the sovereignty of the country has been lost from their hands.

8. the future of the Malays is now dark and poverty is forcing the Malays to sell their land.

9. The Malays need to unite in order to succeed.

10. It is the responsibility to save the nation, not racism. But to make the Malay nation irrelevant would be racist.

11. We hereby call to put aside political parties and their own interests.

12. Unite for the sake of religion, race and nation!

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