Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad recently spoke on cross-strait issues in an exclusive interview with Taiwanese media outlet TVBS and said that the status quo should be maintained. He also said that Western countries are provoking the region. In response to the current political situation in Malaysia, he said that the authorities had not taken any action to deal with the country’s economic recession. He also said that handling foreign affairs was not very positive either.

He was asked if he would serve a third term as Prime Minister, and he said that if he were well enough to do the job and asked to serve as Prime Minister, he would have to run for it. The question of whether or not he would serve a third term as Prime Minister was laid out.

Mahathir Will Contest In Langkawi

Image Credit: Gtc Group

With the upcoming general election in Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad has announced that he will run again for the Langkawi parliamentary seat as the GTA candidate. However, he denied that he would be the Prime Minister’s candidate. Mahathir said he would not run for a third term as Prime Minister but to become a representative of the people.

Mahathir Mohamad became the world’s oldest government leader when he became prime minister for the second time in the 14th general election. After he left, he said he would not run again, but there was still a lot of speculation about whether he would do so. Mahathir also said that there would be more than 120 candidates for the GTA coalition and that they would be clean, law-abiding, and ethical candidates.

Mahathir said that if the GTA successfully forms the government, it will focus on solving the people’s problems and assist both Malays and non-Malays, regardless of race. Mahathir also warned the people not to believe UMNO President Ahmad Zahi’s talk. He also said that UMNO would not care about the well-being of the people because they would not hesitate to hold elections during the floods.

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