Former Prime Minister and President of the Motherland Fighter Party Tun Dr Mahathir revealed at a press conference that Bersatu chairman Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had come to meet him a few days ago to seek his assistance to allow Muhyiddin to become prime minister again.

Tun Dr Mahathir: “Muhyiddin met me and he asked me to support him so that he could become prime minister again.”

PKR president Datuk Seri Mukriz said that PN chairman Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had met with PKR president Tun Dr Mahathir to discuss cooperation in the 15th general election. Fatherland Fighter Party chairman Datuk Seri Mukriz revealed that Muhyiddin met Tun Dr Mahathir two weeks ago to discuss cooperation in the 15th general election.

It was also Mahathir’s first meeting with Muhyiddin after Pakatan Harapan fell in February 2020 due to the Sheraton coup. Mahathir used to be Bersatu president and Muhyiddin was party chairman, but when the Sheraton coup happened, Mahathir resigned as prime minister, while Muhyiddin became the prime minister because of the support of Umno MPs. The 8th Prime Minister of Malaysia. After that, Mahathir and others left Bersatu and founded the Fighters Party.

Mahathir slams Muhyiddin

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At the press conference, Mahathir pointed out: “When he was prime minister, many people were dissatisfied with his leadership. He was not a good prime minister.”

“So no one is going to re-elect him, assuming he implements good policies for Malaysia, I believe he can win without my help.”

“Muhyiddin came to me, he asked me to support him and let him be prime minister again.”

“I don’t know why he asked me, maybe he knew that the fighters lost in the Johor state election, and they weren’t strong enough, we didn’t have the money.”

He pointed out that Muhyiddin had not made any decision on Muhyiddin’s request to support the prime minister, but would not oppose cooperation with PN.

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