The 15th general election will be held on November 19, and all political parties have started discussing the contested seats and preparing their election manifestos. Anwar said he would appoint two deputy prime ministers if Pakatan Harapan is in power. In contrast, Amar Zahi said he would propose three deputy prime ministers to the prime minister if BN is in power. The candidates will come from East Malaysia and West Malaysia, respectively.

Anwar: the proposal of Deputy PM has been proposed during Pakatan Rakyat era

Deputy Pm
Image Credit: The Sun Daily

Speaking to the media at the event, Anwar said that the proposal had been put forward as early as the Pakatan Rakyat years and that if there were any changes, they would be discussed with member parties. Anwar also said that the Justice Party is confident of successfully defending the three parliamentary seats in Sabah.

On the other hand, Ahmad Zahi said he believes the proposal will be accepted because the post of deputy prime minister is not in the constitution, which is why there is no deputy prime minister post now.

When asked about the deputy prime minister proposal, Ishmael Sabiri said that BN has never lied in their election manifesto, and since it is a national political manifesto, they will implement the promises made in the manifesto.

Video Credit: The Star

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