The Johor Matta Fair is back and is organized by the Johor Branch of the Malaysian Tourism Industry Association.

The Event is going to be held at The Summit mall, Batu Pahat, on 24th – 25th July while the second will be held from August 5th to 7th at Mount Austin International Convention Centre (AICC) in Johor Bahru.

Also on 6th July, Johor Malaysia International Tourism Exhibition Organizing Committee Chairman Kathryn Lee held a press conference and declared that the attendees included the Malaysian Tourism Association Johor Branch Chairman Subram Ma Lim, Secretary Goh Choi Chau, Treasurer Xie Lixing, Director Kwok Lai Kuk, and Raz Gami. This is reported by

Matta Fair organizing chairman Kathryn Lee

Matta Fair

Lee said every RM300 spent on domestic packages and every RM500 spent on international packages at the fair would entitle the customers to a lucky draw.

She said aside from domestic destinations like Johor, Kedah (Langkawi), Sabah and Sarawak, there would be travel packages to Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Turkiye, Japan, South Korea and European countries.

In this event, all travel campaigns will be largely discounted and according to Lee, there are going to be 30 exhibitors and 80 booths in the Johor Bahru Station this time. Batu Pahat Station has 7 exhibitors and 30 booths.

Due to this event, having attendees from the Malaysian Tourism Association Johor Branch, along with the fact that it was announced by Committee Chairman, Kathryn Lee, many other news agencies have started their reports. These news agencies include China Press, Buzzytime, and Myprimabuzz.

Lee strongly emphasized that all exhibitors have been approved by the Ministry of Tourism. However, she also reminded the public not to easily believe the advertisements for cheap travel packages on social media, so as not to fall into scams.

All the friends from Batu Pahar and Johor Bahru must attend the event, it is a rare opportunity!

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