TWICE member Chou Tzuyu (쯔위, 周子瑜) has won the hearts of many fans all over the globe not only with her breathtaking appearance, but also for her sweet and charming personality, as apparent in this video posted on the Instagram page @once_labyrinth.

Recently, Tzuyu made an appearance during an online fan-meeting event in conjunction with TWICE’s upcoming Japanese album. Fans couldn’t help but to coo over the Taiwanese idol’s adorable response when a fan had asked her to marry them.

Chou TzuYu sweetly responded to fans~


During the session, Tzuyu, who was spotted wearing an off-white outfit, can be seen interacting with her fans online. She began by expressing her gratitude to her fans for all the warm wishes on her birthday.

One particular fan then asked her, “Are you willing to marry me?” to which she cutely responded “Good!” Many fans reacted positively to the warm gesture displayed by the 23-year-old. They left several comments such as “Tzuyu is very nice,” apart from “I’m so jealous of the lucky fan.”

Not only that, the “What Is Love” hit maker was also seen dancing to fellow TWICE member Nayeon’s solo jam “Pop” in front of the camera. Tzuyu not only performed the famous hand choreography, but she also even hummed along to the catchy song.

Needless to say, fans couldn’t help but to fall head over heels with her sweet voice.


Last week, it was revealed that all the nine members of TWICE have renewed their contracts with their label JYP Entertainment. That same day, the group announced that they will be coming back with their 11th mini album next month.

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