Phei yong post on story and laugh, Michiyo says: “Laughing fart! Be careful, I might shortlist you!”


Photo Credit: Instagram

The inside reason for being on this list is...

Did Michiyo find out that you only need to pay to be nominated? ! The list of the world’s most beautiful and handsome faces has been the subject of a lot of controversy and ridicule. Netizens wondered how to get nominated.

According to TC Candler, there are two ways to nominate your favorite idol and your friends and family. One is nominated on the official YouTube or Instagram but not necessarily successful;  The other is the “tuition scheme”, which was added this year. As long as you spend a fixed amount of money each month, you can be guaranteed a nomination, and the organizers can’t refuse it. It is said that you only need to pay at least $25 to be nominated. 

It is reported that TC Candler makes several money from this contest every year, which seems to be a bit of fraud!


(There are) many question marks (above) my head,” the 27-year-old artist remarked in her recent Instagram story. For context, Michiyo added a link of her nomination on TC Candler’s list. Clearly, the artist had no clue as to how and why she made the list.


She apparently wasn’t the only one confused. YouTuber Chang Yong (蔡常勇) also posted her nomination on his Instagram Story with literal question marks of his own. “I’m the same as you,” she told Chang Yong when he tagged Michiyo to ask her about it.

When friend and Youtuber Phei Yong (陈培永) laughed at her, she retorted: “Laughing fart! Be careful, I might shortlist you!”

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