Since May 1, my country's epidemic prevention SOP has been officially released. Minister Carey reminded that although people do not need to scan MySejahtera wherever they go, if the risk status of MySj shows “high risk” (diagnosed), it is still Every place, this person can be dealt with under Act 342! Store operators must check visitor risk status, especially in high-risk locations such as restaurants, as masks are not required during meals.

Health Minister Khairy's last check-in with the MySejahtera mobile app was at 163 Retail Park in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. Starting from (May 1), my country's standard operating procedures (SOP) for epidemic prevention have been loosened, and people do not need to use MySejahtera to sign in before entering any location, and they can choose not to wear masks outdoors.


“Removal of Outdoor Mask Order”

Regarding the “lifting of the outdoor mask order”, Carey said that the Ministry of Health understands the concerns of medical experts, but the Ministry of Health only allows people to take off their masks outdoors after multiple considerations, including public comfort and scientific basis.

In addition, the government will no longer mandate the wearing of masks in outdoor public places, and masks will still be required in designated indoor places. Although it is no longer mandatory for people to wear masks in outdoor public places, the government encourages people to wear masks in crowded places, high-risk people or those who have cold symptoms.

In any case, the wearing of masks is still mandatory in indoor venues such as shopping malls, public transport and e-hailing vehicles; violators will still be investigated under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 and other regulations.

For example, from a scientific point of view, open spaces are 16 to 20 times less likely to transmit the coronavirus than sealed spaces.

Still, Carey encouraged high-risk groups, such as the elderly and children, to wear masks to protect themselves.

In fact, the government mandated that venue management must check the risk status of visitors MySj, which has been a contentious point for the past two days.

Mydin's managing director Amir Amir described it as “the most ridiculous SOP” and people might be reluctant to let the store check their phones.

He told the online media “Free Malaysia Today” that the above-mentioned disputes have sparked heated discussions among colleagues. Everyone said that they did not know how to implement them. They also believed that this should not be the responsibility of the management.

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