Microsoft stopped supporting Internet Explorer completely today

Microsoft began phasing out Internet Explorer on June 15 and urged users to switch to its Edge browser based on Chromium.

Internet Explorer was the most used browser in the world from the late 1990s to the early 2000s, outcompeting Netscape, with a 95% market share at its peak in 2002-03. But after that, IE’s market share began to be challenged by Firefox, Opera and other competitors, especially the rise of Google Chrome, IE’s market share continued to decline.


The first version of Internet Explorer was released in August 1995 and is now 27 years old. Thanks to its bundling with Windows, Internet Explorer has become the most used browser in the world, a position it has lost to Chrome. Microsoft began to release Edge browser in 2015, and will release a version based on Chromium in 2020, making Edge experience very similar to Chrome, not only supporting Chrome’s existing extensions, And Microsoft has launched its own Microsoft Edge Addons.

In recent years, Microsoft began to promote the replacement of IE to Edge. The last version of IE was 11.388.19041.0, which was updated in July 2020. Edge can be enabled to support IE mode until 2029.

IE is slow to become a variety of funny pictures

Internet Explorer is a very slow browser, making a generation of browser hegemons all kinds of graphics. Internet Explorer is still answering the first question after all the other browsers have answered questions 2 or 3, and things like, “If Internet Explorer has the guts to ask you to set it as your default browser, of course you have the guts to ask the girl out!”

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