The King announced the appointment of Anwar as the new prime minister, but Muhyiddin insisted that he had the support of 115 MPs, and he asked Anwar to prove the legitimacy of his prime ministership.

He held a press conference at the PN headquarters. Anwar needs to present a statutory affidavit proving that he has the support of a majority of MPs and show the SDs.

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Muhyiddin confirms he had the support of 10 BN MPs

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BN MPs signed a statutory declaration in support of Muhyiddin’s appointment as prime minister, Muhyiddin confirmed this.

He also said that the party has collected the statutory declaration from 114 MPs and followed the directive of the king. The MPs who supported his appointment were 73 from PN, 22 from Sarawak, 6 from Sarawak, 1 from Harmony, 10 from BN and 2 independents, and added one more MP after the results of Sarawak’s Barisan Nasional district were released.

In response to this, Anwar said he has 140 seats of support in hand. He will be in the lower house of parliament on December 19, when the Prime Minister’s confidence motion will be held to prove that he has the majority of support.

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Najib challenge Muhyiddin to declare the name list

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Najib, serving a prison sentence, has questioned Muhyiddin’s is starting to fight against the royal palace and Malay rulers by posting on Facebook through his team. Najib also challenged Muhyiddin to list the members of parliament who signed the SD in his support.

Najib’s posting used “he” and “they” throughout as a metaphor for Muhyiddin and the PPBM. He also said that “he” had lied to UMNO and BN, saying that BN had agreed to join the government of UMNO before meeting up with them.

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