MYNEWS has announced a strategic partnership with EdgePoint to enhance connectivity across all of its myNEWS and CU Convenience Stores and improve the digital retail experience for its customers.

Mynews and Edgepoint Partner to Deploy Next-Generation Telecom Solutions

Image Credit: Mynews

MYNEWS said the partnership will deploy next-generation telecom solutions to improve the interconnectivity and coverage of myNEWS and CU convenience stores in the Peninsula. They hope that the partnership will enable customers to enjoy a better digital retail experience when using e-wallets, debit cards and other non-cash payment methods.

MYNEWS Chief Executive Officer, Mr.  Dang Tai Luk, noted through a press release that they have observed an increase in the number of customers using cashless digital payment methods, and that seamless in-store convenience will be key to attracting customers to their stores. Many customers are also recharging and uploading content via their cell phones in the convenience store, and they hope to provide a better digital experience for their customers.

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