Savor is the owner of the Suns. According to Changwen’s report, the Sun boss has been exposed to racial discrimination and sex discrimination. The NBA team boss may be forced to sell the team. This is the fourth time in Paul’s career that the boss is changed.

In 2011, Paul was playing for the Hornets. The team owner George Sean was diagnosed with cancer. As a result, Sean had to let NBA run the team. The trade between the Hornets and Lakers was put on hold, and Paul was not able to play with Kobe.

NBA “Boss Killer”

Nba “Boss Killer” | Four Bosses Have Suffered In His Career.

Later, Paul joined Clippers and became the captain of the club. In 2014, the Clippers owner Sterling’s conversation with his girlfriend on racial discrimination topic was leaked by reporters. NBA intervened, and Sterling was forced to sell the Clippers.

In 2017, Paul was transferred to the rocket. The Rocket owner at that time, Alexander dumped the team. Now, Paul is playing for the Suns, and the Suns boss is now being investigated by NBA. However, the Suns’s fans are happy because they know that Savor is very stingy. Savor signed leftover players and had no intention to compete for the championship. After these players were sold, Savor will find another batch of leftover players to replace them.

Many Suns fans have spoken up that Savor’s leaving will be good for the team.

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