Human Trial
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Musk announced on Wednesday local time that his neuroscience start-up Neuralink plans to conduct human trials within six months by implanting a wireless brain chip, about the size of a coin, into a human patient. The product consists of a small device and electrode wires. A small piece of human bone must be cut out to implant it into the patient’s brain. The trial is hoped to bring back communication and mobility to disabled patients.

Elon Musk May Go Through Human Trial Himself

Human Trial
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Musk said the chip was small enough that he could safely implant one himself, joking that he might eventually do so for demonstration purposes and that even if he did, others might not know he had implanted it.

Musk also revealed two other major product-related operations. The company is developing a spinal cord implant to restore mobility to paralyzed patients. Another product can be implanted in the eye, which is meant to improve or restore human vision.

Neuralink has been in animal trials and has been behind schedule. Musk had said in 2019 that he was aiming to get regulatory approval for human trials by the end of 2020. But again, in late 2021, he said he hoped to start human trials in 2022.

Neuralink employees have said Neuralink has repeatedly missed deadlines to get approval from the pharmacy board. Musk has said he is disappointed with the employees’ progress.

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