Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents searched Biden‘s vacation home in Rehoboth, Delaware, on Wednesday (1st February) local time but found no new classified documents. However, some materials were taken during the search for further investigation.

According to Biden’s lawyer said in a statement, the FBI began the search at 8:30 a.m. and continued until noon. Bauer said the materials that were taken did not have any classified markings.

Another Home Of Biden Was Searched Last Month

Image Credit: Ap News

A similar search was conducted last month at his main private residence in Wilmington, Delaware, and lasted 13 hours. During that search, agents also removed some materials and handwritten notes that appeared to be related to Biden’s vice presidency in early 2017.

Biden’s attorneys or FBI agents found 20 or more classified documents in that Washington office and at his private residence in Wilmington. Biden and his lawyers have tried to play down the investigation by saying the classified documents were not deliberately left behind.

Video Credit: NBC News

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