All lottery outlets in the state of Perlis will be completely shut down in March 2024, according to the Minister of State for Perlis, Mohd Shukri. The government of Perlis will stop issuing gambling licenses to all gambling establishments in the state from 2023. He said this is to ensure that the state continues to be blessed by God.

There Are 6 Lottery Outlets In The State

Lottery Outlets

Shukri brought up the matter again when the 2024 budget was presented in the state assembly today.

The state government informed gaming operators in April this year that they would not renew commercial licenses for gaming in the state. Prior to that. There are a total of six gaming and betting outlets in the state, including three in Kayang, two in Padang Besar and one in the port of Perlis. The commercial license for four of them has overdue and have ceased operations.

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