North Korea Covid-19 fever cases fell below 100,000 for the first time on Saturday (28th May) in less than three weeks since the outbreak of Covid-19.

Based on Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), as of afternoon of 27th May, more than 88,520 people had diagnosed with fever symptoms.

The current population of North Korea is 25 million while the total number of fever patients has risen to 3.36 million since April.

No new deaths have been reported, and the death cases remained at 69 since Friday.

North Korea has yet to confirm the accurate number of Covid-19 positive patients due to lack of tests.

Experts say that, North Korea is likely to have more cases compared to the data published by North Korea. And experts worried that there will be a new variant of virus outbreak in North Korea.

North Korea
Image Source: Sohu

North Korea still doesn't respond to South Korea and US Covid-19 aid offer.

South Korea and United States have offered North Korea Covid-19 aid, including vaccines, but Pyongyang has yet to respond.

North Korea had ramped up importing masks and vaccines from China in the months before it officially announce its first Covid-19 case. And recently North Korea is ramping up the production of Covid-19 drugs and medical supplies.

North Korea has started hoarding supplies, according to trade data released by Beijing.

It can be seen that North Korea only announced Covid-19 outbreak a few months later after importing millions of masks and thousands of ventilators and vaccines from China.

However, it is unclear whether North Korea has launched any COVID-19 vaccine campaign. Media also informed that the vaccination program will be launched soon.

North Korea has almost closed all its borders to trade during the pandemic, but recently it allowed supplies and products from China by train and ship.

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