In addition to launching new products such as the Reno8 series of mobile phones and tablets, OPPO also launched a series of accessories, including an 80W super flash car charger.

The charger is equipped with USB-A and USB-C ports. Under the SUPERVOOC flash charging protocol, the USB-A can reach 80W fast charging, the USB-C port can reach 30W fast charging under the PD protocol, and the dual-port output can reach 63W.

OPPO 80W Super Flash Car Charger

Oppo 80W

In addition, the charger is compatible with VOOC, PD, QC and other protocols, and the bimetal elastic contact design is compatible with mainstream models on the market. interface.

As for the price, the OPPO 80W super flash car charger is priced at 199 yuan (about RM131). There is no news of coming to Malaysia yet.

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